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Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Joe Cleary

What is the best way to reach you?

Please email us. Because we are all part-time volunteers, and we are often busy, it is difficult for us to get to the phone. 

I emailed you earlier today/yesterday and haven’t received a response yet.

Please understand we receive a high number of emails daily and try to respond to them as quickly as we can.
Spark Rescue is run entirely by volunteers, most with jobs, families, and pets of their own, and unfortunately we can't always get to things right away. Sometimes we are dealing with emergencies or are on the way to rescue or spay. Please allow at least 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiries.


Can I come visit the dogs/cats at your facility?

Spark Rescue does not have a physical site. We are a foster-based rescue, with all of our animals staying in private homes. In order to visit one of our animals, we ask that you fill out an adoption application since we only allow approved adopters to meet with our fosters.


Can I meet a dog without filling out an adoption application?

Sorry, no. All of our rescue dogs are staying with foster families, most of whom have very busy schedules.  As a courtesy to them, we only schedule meetings with approved applicants.

What is the cost to adopt one of your rescue dogs? 


Our adoptions fees range from $150 - $750, and all of our adoption fees go 100% back to saving more dogs/ cats in need.


Why do you have adoption fees? 


Many wonder why we have adoption fees at all. If these dogs were at risk of euthanasia, why charge anything? Well, running a responsible rescue group is very expensive. 


Spay and neuter: Even with discounted services, spay & neuter costs still account for almost half of our adoption fees (and would otherwise be more than our adoption fees). 

Everything else: Transporting dogs long distances, vaccinations, microchips, dewormer, food and supplies make up most of what remains of the adoption fee.

Emergency vet care: Some of our dogs arrive with injuries or will come down with serious illnesses such as pneumonia or PARVO, which require emergency vet care and result in super-sized vet bills. Adoption fees help a bit, but we have to mainly rely on donations. 


Why are the adoption fees different?


BABIES: Young puppies are cute, fluffy, and irresistible. We call their higher adoption fee a "cute tax" that helps subsidize the costs of the older dogs. 

OLDER AND WISER: Adult dogs over 3 years of age are tops in our book, but those cute little puppies always steal the attention. So, we've given this group of dogs a lower fee to help move the spotlight towards them. 

'DISNEY DOGS' & 'DOODLES': These dogs are always in high demand and have to pay the 'cute tax' too. Their higher adoption fee helps subsidize the cost of our dogs with medical needs. 


Can I get a dog for less than the usual adoption rate? 

Sorry, we cannot give discounted adoption rates. We are a non-profit organization and our adoption fees go right back to saving more dogs in need. We have many medical bills, food, and other costs that all add up.  


Can you hold a dog for me?

We cannot keep the animal with a foster until you are ready. Doing so would limit the amount of dogs we save because we have one less available foster. We ask that you take your animal home within 48 hours of adoption.


When do I receive my animals’s paperwork?

We will email you the medical paperwork within 7-10 days with , sometimes sooner.  It depends on when we get all the paperwork from the vet that did the spay/neuter..

How do I license my animal?

There are different rules and requirements based on where you live. We do not and cannot keep up with all the rules and changes for all locations we adopt to. The best way to confirm is to contact your local animal services department.


Is my dog microchipped? How do I change the information? How long does it take to change the information?

We microchip all of our dogs/cats instructions are included in the records you receive, please update the microchip with your current contact information, please leave Spark Rescue Santa Barbara on the microchip as emergency contact or as rescue.

Will you pay for any costs after the adoption such as vaccinations, dental or vet visits?

Once you have adopted, you are responsible for all costs associated with pet guardianship.

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