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Thank You!

Thanks for submitting your application!

Because of limited volunteers, we can no longer notify you if you are not selected for a visit. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to adopt and we apologize if we are unable to accommodate you at this time.  If you are selected for a visit, we will notify you within 48 hours.

Image by Howie R
Image by Howie R
Image by Howie R



Sorry, if the process is time consuming.Please remember that we do not have a shelter but are foster based only.


We will send you an email notifying you that have you have been approved.  We will also request that you submit a video or photos showing the space where the animal will live/sleep and your outdoor space. We may require a copy of landlord approval to keep a pet or a copy of your real property bill.  If we cannot clearly ascertain that your property is safe, we may send a home inspector.


After you have submitted the above, we will review your property for safety issues.  If approved, you will receive the foster’s contact information. You can then set up a meeting with the foster to meet the animal.  If you are interested in several animals, we can give you the information for other fosters as well. You will be required to bring all members of your household, as well as dogs in hour home (for dog visits).


If both you and the foster believe it is a good match, you need to notify the Adoption Coordinator that you want to adopt.  You will then be asked to complete an adoption contract and make payment (Venmo required). Present a copy or screenshot to the foster and take the animal home within 48 hours.


Within 7-10 days you will receive the animal's medical record and instructions on how to transfer the microchip.

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