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Subject: Important Participation Request: Early Spay and Neuter Study


Dear Spark Rescue Adopters,


We hope this message finds you well and that your furry friends are thriving in their forever homes. As part of our ongoing commitment to the welfare of animals, Spark Rescue is excited to invite all adopters to participate in an early spay and neuter study.


your participation is crucial in contributing valuable insights to this important research. The study aims to enhance our understanding of the long-term effects and benefits of early spaying and neutering.


To participate, please click on the PDF link provided below and follow the instructions outlined. If you have already received this information upon adoption and submitted it to Diane, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your prompt involvement in this significant study.


Your contribution will play a vital role in advancing our knowledge and promoting the well-being of animals. We appreciate your dedication to the betterment of animal welfare and thank you for being an integral part of Spark Rescue’s mission.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Warm regards,


Spark Rescue Santa Barbara

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