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Foster Guidelines

Please Note:  

You can review our complete Foster Manual HERE.

Fostering does not guarantee adoption. You will still have to go through the process and pay the adoption fee. Please understand that we try our best to match dog size. Please do not offer to foster a small dog if you have a dog that is a lot larger at home.

  1. SRSB is the sole and rightful owner of said foster animal.

  2. All decisions regarding said foster animal shall be made by SRSB.

  3. Caretaker shall not give or otherwise transfer custody of foster animal to any other person, unless approved by SRSB in advance

  4. If for any reason caretaker is unable to continue to house and care for said animal, he/she will notify SRSB and will return said animal to SRSB.

  5. Caretaker understands that said animal might then be placed in a new foster home or in a boarding facility.

  6. SRSB is not responsible for any damage caused by said foster animal to caretaker’s property or


  7. Caretaker is not allowed to change foster animal’s name unless caretaker decides to officially adopt said animal.

  8. All animals belonging to caretaker personally must also be provided with all necessary medical care

    including vaccinations.

  9. All animals belonging to caretaker personally which are not the property of SRSB shall be spayed or

    neutered. Exceptions could be made for senior pets.

  10. SRSB does not warrant the temperament or behavior of said foster animal and SRSB is not to be held liable for any acts of said foster animal while in the custody of caretaker.

  11. In the event a foster animal becomes lost or is stolen, caretaker shall immediately notify SRSB.

  12. Foster animals are to be supervised at all times, whether indoors or outdoors. Foster animals must be

    supervised at all times when children and other animals are present.

  13. Foster animals are never to be left outdoors while caretaker is away from home unless kept in a secured kennel approved by SRSB and only in good weather.

  14. No foster animals will be allowed to roam at will or be off leash at any time.

  15. Unvaccinated puppies must not leave the fosters home!

  16. Caretaker must separate all animals in their possession when caretaker is away from home. Proper

    separation includes keeping each animal in its own crate and/or secluded in a secured area in caretaker’s home.

  17. SRSB reserves the right to inspect caretaker’s home at any time.

  18. Caretaker acknowledges that his/her residence, if rented, permits pets and may be asked to produce a

    signed lease between caretaker and his/her landlord stating as such.

  19. Caretaker shall make said foster animal available to any prospective adopter at a mutually convenient time and location.

  20. Caretaker shall notify SRSB within 24 hours of any change in address, phone number or e-mail address.

  21. If caretaker requires an outside party to temporarily care for said foster animal, SRSB must be notified in advance of temporary caretaker taking possession of said animal. If SRSB feels that the temporary caretaker is not suitable, SRSB shall take possession of said foster animal until such time as caretaker can resume full custody.

  22. Any items borrowed from SRSB such as crates, etc. must be returned to SRSB when Caretaker ceases fostering for SRSB.

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