The Adoption Process


1.  Please review our Adoption Guidelines before submitting your application.


2.  Fill out an Adoption Application.

(Please follow the instructions on the form closely, otherwise your form may not be saved).

3.  Application Review

You will receive an email acknowledging that your application has been received and that it will be reviewed in the coming days.  Please note that we often receive multiple highly qualified applicants for the same dog and are faced with the difficult task of selecting the home we feel is the best fit. This process can take a few days. Having to make such a decision is not something we take lightly, and we regret any disappointment such decisions might cause. 

4. Application Approval

If you are selected as a good match for the dog or cat you applied for, you will receive an email providing you with the phone number of the animal's foster family so that you can arrange a time to meet. We ask that you bring all persons who live in your home, including all children and dogs to determine if this is a good match for everyone. 

5. Meeting the Animal 

If the meeting goes well and you wish to proceed with the adoption, let Spark Rescue know via email. The Adoption Coordinator will then verify and approve all details of the adoption, including arranging a home visit (or reviewing submitted photos/video) for dogs, to assure that your property and home is safe and secure for the animal you would like to adopt. Once this is done, an Adoption Contract will be sent to you via email. Please let us know if you are no longer interested in the animal so that we may move on to the applicant.

6. Finalizing the Adoption

You will need to pay the adoption fee for the amount which appears on the contract. The adoption fee can be paid either by Venmo or by check made out to Spark Rescue. You will also need to complete the adoption contract. You may give the payment and contract to the foster when you pick up your new dog or cat. If you pay via Venmo, please present the receipt to the foster.

7. Picking up your new Family Member!

Contact the foster and arrange to pick up your new family member! We ask that you bring a leash, collar or a carrier for cats, and a personalized tag when you pick up your new dog. The foster will take a photo of your newly expanded  family, which we will post on our FB page/Rescue website. For cats that are housed at Petco, you will pick up your new feline friend directly from Petco.