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Dog Adoption Application
Please complete on a Desktop Computer

Getting Started:


Please make sure the dog you wish to adopt is still available and that you know the adoption fee for that dog, by going to and refreshing the Available Dogs and Cats page.

Please answer the preliminary questions below, and only hit the "Submit" button if prompted. You will then be directed to the Adoption Application form.

Once your application is submitted, all information provided will be carefully reviewed and verified, and you will be contacted only if it is determined that you are a good fit for the dog you are interested in adopting. Please note that due to the high volume of applications this process may take several days, and your patience and understanding is appreciated. 

Things to Know before Submitting an Adoption Application:

  1. As part of the application process you will be asked to provide proof of home ownership by downloading a copy of your property tax statement or if you rent your home, you will be asked to download a copy of your lease agreement showing that you have permission to have a dog. Please be prepared to submit an electronic file (15 MB max). 

  2. You are also encouraged to submit additional documentation as part of your application, such as photos of yourself/family with current or past pets, records of past veterinary services and other pet-related expenditures, references from pet-professional, etc.

  3. Due to the large number of applications submitted and the time it takes to review and verify all information provided, a one-time $10 Adoption Application Fee in the form of a donation to Spark Rescue (by PayPal or credit card), will be requested following the preliminary Adoption Application questions. 

  4.  Submittal and/or approval of an Application does not guarantee adoption.

    Please note that in order to be eligible to adopt a dog from Spark Rescue:

    You must live between Monterey and the City of Ventura.
    You must be 21 years of age or older
    Your yard must be fully fenced (appropriate height for the size of dog) and secure
    You must be able to pick up the dog within 48 hours of meeting
    If the dog is under six months old, children must be 10 years and older

I live between Monterey and the City of Ventura
I am 21 or older.
If you have a yard:
Do you have an in-ground Pool or Spa?
Are you applying for a puppy under 6 months of age
Do you have children under 10 years of age?
I am able to pick up my dog within 48 hours after the meeting.
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