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Foster Rules

Please do not take your foster animal  to see a vet without prior approval from Susan.  (805) 452-9284.  We have our own vet who takes care of all foster animals. 

The only exception would be an IMMEDIATE threat, such as choking, poisoning or a car accident.  In that case, please take the animal to AVS immediately and notify Susan or (if unavailable) the Foster Coordinator while you are on your way.

24-Hour Animal Hospital AVS

414 E Carrillo St

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 729-4460

Returning Your Foster

Please be mindful that your foster animal is still the property of Spark Rescue. 

There have been few regrettable incidents where we have had to remove an animal from a foster home.  If there is any concern for the animal's safety or well being, the rescue may remove the animal from your home at any time.  If that is the case, please allow access to and hand over the animal freely.  Remember, with all we do, the animal comes first!  

Please do not take any of our dogs or cats to a groomer for a hair cut without prior approval from Susan.

You are welcome and we ask you to provide general grooming such as bathing, eye and ear care, brushing, etc.

Vacation Coverage

We ask you to plan ahead and not plan any vacations while you are fostering an animal.  If you have an emergency and need to leave unexpectedly, or if you need to return the animal, please contact the foster Coordinator ASAP so we can make other arrangements.

Please be mindful that we have very few available fosters and that it may take some time to place the animal.

Foster Adopting

If you would like to adopt your foster animal, please contact either the Foster Coordinator or the Adoption Coordinator immediately.  Please submit a Dog/Cat Adoption Application.  You will need to have an approved application and you will still be required to pay the adoption fee to cover our foster costs.


NOTE: We cannot give your preference after we have approved an applicant.


NEVER take unvaccinated puppies to places outside of your home or backyard, or bring in any unvaccinated dogs, even if they are the applicant's dog.

PARVO, a deadly disease, runs rampant in Santa Barbara.  We have lost a few pups to this horrible disease.  Please help us protect our foster animals.

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