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Meet & Greet

Image by Humberto Arellano

All applicants have been pre-screened and the Adoption Coordinator runs a background check.  You should always receive a copy of the applicants' Dog Application. Take the time to go through their answers before the meeting to familiarize yourself with them and to possibly spot anything that would make them less than ideal.

A. Let the Adoption Coordinator know when you have scheduled a meeting with a potential adopter.

B. Notify the Adoption Coordinator ASAP after the meeting is over to let her know if it's a good fit.

C. Stay in touch with the applicants if they are interested in adopting.

During the meeting, observe carefully how the applicant and the dog/cat interact.  The applicant is required to bring all members of the household and any other dogs (for dog applicants only).  You may feel that it is easier to visit the applicant in their home and are welcome to do so.  Here are some things to look for during the meeting.


  • Does she seem comfortable with the applicants? 

  • DOGS: Does she lay at their feet, expose her belly, wag her tail, lick their hand?  CATS: Does she jump in their lap, circle their legs?

  • DOGS: Is she engaging in play with their dog and do they seem to get along well? Does she walk the applicant to the door when they are leaving?


  • How do they approach the dog/cat? Do they get down to meet her at her level?

  • Do they want to pick up the dog? Pet her? Kiss her?

  • Ask questions: Are they knowledgeable or willing to learn? Will they make the animal a priority? Do they know what to feed?

  • PUPPIES: Are they prepared to live with a rambunctious puppy? Do they have enough time?

  • CATS: Do they have other cat? Do they understand that they need to introduce cats gradually and separate them at first?


  • Are they gentle with your foster? Are they appropriate?  Are they overbearing or seem bossy?

  • Do they try to pick her up a lot? Do they seem close to dropping the pup or kitten?

  • Will there be other young children visiting and have access to the dog/cat?

  • Is there a danger that they child may let a puppy or kittens escape?

You know your foster best, and they will tell you if it's a good fit!

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