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Cat Adoption  Application
Please complete on your Desktop.

  1. Please check the Availability Page to make sure your animal is still available and to see the fees.

  2. Please answer the questions below to continue. Click the "Submit" button only if prompted. Please answer honestly or you will be denied later.

  3. You will be directed to the application form.

  4. Upon receipt of your application form, Our Adoption Coordinator will be carefully reviewing your application. Because of the high volume of applications and extremely limited volunteer time, we are unfortunately no longer able to respond to all applicants. You will be contacted for further information if you are one of the top three applicants.

I live inbetween Monterey and Venturia Counties
I am 21 or older.
If applying for a kitten under 6 months:
My new rescue cat will be
I am able to pick up my cat within 48 hours after the meeting.
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